Thursday, March 21, 2013

oh the madness

I couldn't care less about college basketball until March Madness rolls around.  I honestly didn't really even pay attention to March Madness until I met Matt.  He gets really into, so get into it with him!! I don't really watch all the games but I fill out a bracket and look forward to seeing how my picks do.  And alot of times I actually sit down and watch the 4th quarter.  The 4th quarter is always the most exciting in these games because so many of them come down to the last second.  

This year I fill out two brackets.....
One with just my little family of three.
And one with all of Matt's side of the family. 

I filled out two separate brackets and I picked two different teams to win so.......

Go Kansas and Go Gonzaga!!! 
Even all the little cousins fill out a bracket with Matt's family so we had to help Pearson make his picks.  Last year I picked half of his bracket and Matt picked the other half, but this year we let him do all of the picking!! His bracket is pretty interesting to say the least!!
We let him pick in a few different ways......
  First we would hand him two different bath toys and associate each on with a team.  
Then when we got out of the bath we would offer him two different toys.  
When he got tired of that we wrote the first letter of each team on a piece of paper and whichever letter he said was his pick.  

Unfortunately he had Oklahoma State to win it all and they are already out.  

But on the flip side, I am 8 for 8 right now!!

Let the Madness begin!!


Cinnamon said...

I picked Gonzaga too! I don't even know where Gonzaga is, but I hope they win!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

I picked Kansas to win! But, my bracket right now is not looking so good....8 for 12 right now. ugh.