Thursday, March 07, 2013

maybook sale

I'm over half way through using my Maybook and I absolutely love it!!  I will definitely be purchasing another one for the 2013-2014 school year.  In fact, I plan on purchasing it this week because Maybooks are on sale through Sunday!! If you use the code {spring13} you can get 40% off!!
I'm debating between these.....

Greek Key Tangerine
 Damask Pink, Orange, & Yellow
 Chevron Mint
 Ikat Chevron Fuchsia
 Zeta Tau Alpha Wallpaper
Which one should I get??


CinnamonHodges said...

So cute! I like the purple chevron one!

Val T said...

My vote is Ikat Chevron Fuchsia

Val T said...

My vote is Ikat Chevron Fuchsia

The Fenner's said...
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Rachel [at] floral and fudge said...

my favorite is the chevron mint! all are cute though!

chelsea said...


I've seen these online but never in person. Can you post some pictures of the inside? I'm trying to decide if this is something that would work for me!

Thanks Katy.