Thursday, February 06, 2014

pearson's "big boy" room

I know that I've been promising pictures of Nash's nursery, but it's not quite done yet.  

I really wanted to have it done sooner, but I'm turning into quite the procrastinator.  We are actually going to hang the last few things on the walls tonight, however there will be quite a few empty frames until after Nash arrives.  So when I finally have a nursery reveal, it still won't really be totally finished. 

Anyways…..since I'm not ready to show you Nash's room, I thought I would share with you Pearson's "Big Boy Room".  I say "Big Boy Room" in quotes because we didn't change the decor and we didn't actually put him in a Big Boy bed.  The main change is that we took the rocker out of his room and moved quite a bit of his toys to his room.  His room is now part bedroom/part playroom.  We made these changes back in October and we are all loving his "Big Boy Room". 

You can see pictures of how his nursery used to look here.  
Pearson will be 2 years and 8 months when Nash is born so I went back and forth on whether we wanted to take him out of his crib.  He has never tried to climb out of his crib, so I didn't really want to mess with moving him to a big boy bed, but at the same time I really didn't want to have to buy expensive new furniture.  When a friend was selling her white crib for $50, it totally made our decision to keep Pearson in his crib and buy a "new" one for Nash.  He still loves his crib and takes great naps each day so I'm glad that we didn't decide to pass Pearson's crib on to Nash.  
This is the corner of his room that used to have his bookshelf.  Since it was tall (and even had decorations on top of it) it's kind of a big open wall space.  I'd like to find a way to display his artwork above his little table some how.  That project will have to wait until after Nash is here though.  
This little table used to be the coffee table beside the rocker, but it's the perfect size for a little art and puzzle table.  The table and stools are all from Ikea. 
This little corner also is work area where we keep his tool bench and all of his tools. 
We left his changing table in the same place but just passed along the changing pad to Nash.  We just have to change all of his diapers on the floor.  Hopefully we'll be potty trained sooner than later, but we will see.  Going tee-tee in the potty is totally hit or miss right now. The decorations that are on the changing table were from the top of the bookshelf.  
This is the corner where the rocker, ottoman, and coffee table used to be.  I definitely miss having the rocker in Pearson's room because I have no where comfy to sit while he plays, but I do enjoy all the space that he has to play now!!  We flipped his bookshelf onto it's side so he could access all of the squares.  Two of the baskets are home to sheets and blankets but everything else has toys in it.  The red rug is a new addition from Garden Ridge and we FINALLY got to move the train/car/lego table out of our living room and into his room.  He has played with it so much more now that it is in his room!!
We also added an over the door basketball goal onto his closet door.
The next big change in Pearson's room will be when we convert his crib into a toddler bed.  I'm not sure when we'll do that though since he is happy as can be in his crib.  I am a-okay with having a three year old in a crib!!  I'm so not ready for him to be a big boy yet, but with Nash coming any day now, he's going to lose his title as my baby and become my big boy whether I want him to or not!! 


Erica Ladwig said...

The changes look great, Katy. And I just want to say that I love that you're not in any hurry to get P out of his crib or get him potty trained. Madelyn was 2 1/2 when she decided she was done with the crib and wanted to sleep in the twin bed that was already in her room. I really think that letting her decide and waiting until she was ready really helped with her success in sleeping in there all the time. And the same with potty training, we waited until around Christmas when she decided she was ready (she had no interest in it until then)and it has been easy breezy since she wanted to do it. Just wanted to give you some support and encouragement since it seems like so many rush their toddlers into big beds and potty training!

Catherine said...

Love his boy boy room! My son just turned 3 in November and for his bday we switched him into a twin bed, I was also in no hurry and the only reason we finally did was because the crib was starting to seem more crowded for him! We also are working on potty training now as well. 😊

Christine said...

Love it! It really opened up that space and functions better for Pearson's needs now. We changed Naomi on the floor for months before she was trained. We kept a few of her diapers in O's room in case I really wanted to use the changing table/pad for some reason but otherwise that's exactly what we did. And, also, Naomi is still in her crib and she's 3. I keep saying that we should take the front off of it and turn it into a toddler bed, but we keep putting it off. No rush really...