Thursday, February 20, 2014

link family….party of FOUR

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 13, 2014

We decided to venture out on our first family outing today.  We were all getting a little cabin fever!!  Matt got an e-mail for $2.99 sandwiches at Sonny Bryan's, so a family lunch date was our plan.  I nursed Nash at 11:30 then we headed out the door as soon as I was finished to maximize our time away.
It was soooooo crowded because of the sandwich special going on but thankfully we were still able to walk right in and get a table.  I packed some celery for Pearson to munch on while we waited but forgot to bring some ranch.  He improvised and dipped it in ketchup.  Yuck!!
My big boy ate like a true big boy.  He is a bottomless pit sometimes.  
 Peeking in on baby brother.
 Getting out with our little family of four wasn't so hard since Nash snoozed the entire time.
We sure did enjoy getting out of the house and enjoying a yummy meal!!