Monday, February 17, 2014

visitors {week 1}

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 15, 2014

Nash is so loved and has had so many people come and visit him this week.  We have been incredibly blessed by friends and family with lots of meals.  It has been so nice to not have to worry about cooking and being able to focus on healing, feeding my baby and spending time with Matt and Pearson.  

On Monday, Christie brought us dinner. 
On Tuesday, Nonnie brought us dinner.
Nonnie also came over on Wednesday and stayed with Pearson while he napped so Matt could take me to the doctor.  When we got home Nonnie said she had made a big pot of chili and had enough for us! What a blessing to have a babysitter and a meal.  I love my grandma so much!!
My other grandma, Oma, was out of town when Nash was born so she came to visit on Wednesday.  
Pearson had so much fun putting on a little singing and dancing show for Oma and Joe.
On Thursday Mom & Dad picked up Pei Wei for dinner and ate at our house.  
Lolly and Pops had been out of town since Tuesday so they were excited to get some Nash snuggles.

Since Nash was getting all the snuggles, Pearson needed some special attention.  He put on another singing and dancing show for Lolly & Pops.  
 Oh goodness, just had to throw this one in here because he is just so darn cute.  I can't get enough of him.  
On Friday, Jenica brought us dinner.  She was so sweet to bring us dinner on Valentine's Day!!
Seriously, we have been so blessed by our friends and family.  It's amazing how much a simple little meal is such a HUGE blessing to a huge Mom.