Saturday, February 15, 2014

10 on 10 {february 2014}

**Lots of random post coming in the next few days. I'll be "re-posting" them later on the correct date but for now they'll be on the wrong date so they show up in your readers!!

February 10, 2014

This 10 on 10 is the hospital/coming home edition.  I'll post more pics of us coming home in another post, but here is just a snippet of our 10th.

My sweet sleeping baby all bundled up because I kept the room freezing.
He's soooooo sleepy all the time.  We barely get to see his eyes, so when we do we just can't stop staring at him.  He's so beautiful.
I'm going to miss my hospital cocktail.  I mixed cranberry juice and apple juice about 3 times a day.  So good.  And even better with the hospital ice chips.  
All ready to go home!!
Headed home with our baby boy.  It's so weird to have two carseats in my car now.  
The weather coming home with Nash was way different that Pearson.  It was bright, sunny and 102 degrees on the day we took Pearson home and nasty, cloudy, rainy and 32 degrees with Nash.
Lil Bro just hanging out while Big Bro runs all around the house so excited to see us!!
I laughed when I changed Nash's first diaper at home because it was one of the diapers from my diaper shower with a message on it from my friends!!
Off to spend the night with Lolly & Pops again!!
Snoozing with Daddy before bedtime.  Wondering what tonight will hold? Think there is any sleep in our future.   
What a special 10th today was!!!


Ashley St. John said...

My mom mixes cranberry and the apple juice too!