Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Series, here we come!!

Pearson is SOOOOOOOOOOO excited that the Rangers are going to the World Series!!!
And his Mommy & Daddy are pretty excited too!!
I know where we'll be next Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and possibly the following Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  

We'll be on the couch in our red, white and blue gear cheering the Rangers on!!

World Series, here we come!!
This is our year to take it all.  


Alisa said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! Love that it looks like Pearson is doing the fist pump from Matt's shirt.

Chelsea said...

Aw SO cute! :) Congrats on the win!

Carissa said...

It looks like the claw on Matt's shirt is P's arm. :) We will be in the same place for few days!

Kyle and Darci said...

Since our team (the Twins) didn't have a chance this year I decided to cheer for Texas in your honor!! :) Glad to see they made it to the World Series, so exciting!!!