Monday, October 31, 2011

trick or treat

Matt and I sorta kinda ate almost all of our Halloween candy so we decided to take a stroll and "Trick or Treat" over on my parents side of the neighborhood so we didn't have to pass out candy....Haha!!  
We stopped at Nonnie's house.  
 And we stopped at Lolly & Pops too.  Pops was too busy passing out candy to stop and take a picture though!
 There is a crazy spooky decorated house around the corner from my parents house.  We stopped by and looked at it.  There were probably 50+ people standing around waiting to go through the tunnel up to their house.  They seriously go ALL OUT. It's crazy!!
Hope you all had a fun Halloween!

Trick or Treat!!


Lindsay said...

hahaha! I love that y'all had to "abandon ship" because y'all ate the candy!

Carissa said...

I didn't open any of our candy until last night because I was afraid we would eat it all! Next Halloween you will have to bring little P by our house so we can see him.

The Fants said...

Love all the cat pictures!! so cute! :)

We did the exact same thing this year...ate all the candy and went over to my parent's house! haha Love it :)