Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sponge bath

Since Pearson's umblicial cord hasn't fallen out yet, we can't give him a real bath.  We decided to give him a little sponge bath today.
We left his clothes on while we washed his hair.  
 He didn't make a sound.  
He didn't open his eyes.   
I think he enjoyed the little head massage.   
As soon as we took his clothes off, it was a different story though.   
 He didn't like be totally exposed.  
 He kicked and screamed the entire time we were washing him.  
 When I started drying him off he was a happy camper again.  
Although he didn't like getting his body washed, I think he liked the feeling of being clean.   
 I just had to get some sweet snuggles from my baby after his bath.  He smelled so good!!
 Izzie was a little jealous, so she had to get some snuggles too!!
 Before his hair got all crazy, Matt combed it down.  I love all of his sweet hair.  I sure hope he doesn't lose it.  
 Even though the sponge bath was a little traumatic, it didn't take him long fall fast asleep.  
Oh how I love my clean sleeping baby!!