Monday, June 06, 2011

meal planning monday

Monday: Grilled Chicken, Veggies, & Rolls

Tuesday: Meatball Subs & Chips

Wednesday: Katy: Chuy's w/ ABF girls Matt: Leftovers

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Tyson Chicken & Cheese Sandwiches & Chips

Saturday Breakfast: Sausage Balls

Saturday Lunch: Fish & Chips

Saturday Dinner: Out with Friends

Sunday Lunch: Pizza

Sunday Dinner: Fast Food before The MAVS!!


Lauren said...

Will you let me know how the tortellini is? I almost made that a few weeks ago but ended up not. It looks so good!

Christine said...

That tortellini thing looked really good, so I printed the recipe (and subscribed to their feed). Thanks!

Oh, and funny thing, I've made the brownies that are featured on their home page right now (out of my Cooking Light cookbook) and they are AMAZING!