Monday, June 20, 2011

40 weeks

how far along?  Not pregnant anymore!! We have a 5 day old!!
how are you measuring?  I'm getting smaller!! 
size of baby? 7 pounds 3.2 ounces (he was measured today at the hospital) 
heartbeat?   It's beating!!
total weight gain/loss? -20 pounds (just 20 more pounds to go!!)
maternity clothes? Still wearing maternity clothes but I'm mainly wearing my PJ's around the house all day!!  
stretch marks? Yes,  a few more showed up at the end.  I'm hoping they start to fade soon, but if they don't.....OMG....Pearson is SO worth it!!
sleep? We got quite a bit a sleep in the hospital.  We had lots of down time to rest and we actually sent him to the nursery all but one night so that we could get a good 3 hr stretch each night.  Last night was our first night home and it was a little rough.  They told us not to swaddle him and feed on demand to help him gain weight for a while.  We won't be doing that again.  He is a swaddle baby.  He sleeps so much better with his swaddle.  
best moment this week?  Bring our baby boy into this world.  I can't even begin to describe the feelings that we have for our son.  The whole experience of childbirth in indescribable.  
movement? Not in my belly, but he is!! He always has his hand moving.  He gets so frustrated sometimes.  when I nurse him because his hands always get in the way. 
food cravings? I'm kind of missing my Diet Coke with Vanilla from Sonic
gender predictions? It's STILL a BOY!!!  Pearson Davis Link!!! 
what i miss:  I miss the hospital.  Ha!! I know that is probably weird, but we had such a good experience at Plano Presbyterian. They took such good care of us. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with my family of three, but I miss being able to press a button and ask a nurse anything I want, having someone come help me nurse, calling in an order for yummy food and having it delivered to our room, and staying in bed all day.
what i'm looking forward to:  A lifetime with the most precious baby boy!!
how are you feeling? I'm feeling pretty good considering I just had surgery.  I am trying my best to take it easy, but it is SO hard for me to slow down.  Matt has had to tell me a few times to sit down and "take a load off".  My incision is healing well.  It only hurts at night getting in and out of bed.  I was so looking forward to sleeping on my back when I got home, but oddly enough I like sleeping on my sides better.  It doesn't seem to hurt my incision as bad.  My back has also been hurting a little, but I'm pretty sure that it's from carrying around my two new jugs!! Ha!


Carissa said...

YAY for new posts!! I am glad to hear that you are doing well and that you are taking it easy when you can. Please let us know if you nedd ANYTHING! Seriously! Just one phone call.

Christine said...

Their hands do get in the way for a while on the breastfeeding, but it does get easier. I still take Naomi's bottom arm and tuck it up underneath her. Swaddles rock! Your back does hurt for a while, but it goes away. I stayed sleeping on my sides for a couple months after I had Naomi because it was oddly more comfortable for me too, but eventually reverted to my former stomach sleeping ways. Glad you're enjoying your baby boy!

Christine said...

BTW, isn't your homemade Moby wrap the best! The wrap saved my sanity! Oh, and being nosy here, why did you end up with a c-section after your long labor. I keep having so many friends end up with c-sections that I'm curious why whenever it happens again. So far, everyone I know who has had a baby this year ended up with a c.

Brandi Gail said...

I can't wait to see y'all next week! He is so sweet! My friend at church had her baby girl in March and she lives in a wrap! :) Matt is right, you need to rest when you can, but I am sure it is hard! I can help when I can, I get bored at home! :)

Ashley said...

I'm loving all the new posts of your baby boy!! AHHHH, it's giving me baby fever. My little guy was a swaddler too. Like you, I didn't care what the doc said because the ONLY way Hartmann would sleep was all wrapped up. We called him our "little burrito" :)