Tuesday, July 24, 2012

new to us

We spent the morning with Miss Olivia and Ashley today.  We did a little shopping then grabbed lunch at the mall and let the babies play!!
 When we got home, it was like Christmas. 
 Ashley cleaned out Carson's toys and gave us all the "boy toys" that Olivia wouldn't be using.
 Pearson had so much fun playing with all of his "new to us" toys!!
 One of the toys was this water table.
 "Hmmmm, which one should I put in my mouth?"
If I open the door to let Izzie out, he starts to cry if I don't let him go outside.  He loves to be outside, but it's just to stinkin' hot outside to be out there for too long.  It's been a fun summer, but I'm starting to get ready for fall and some cooler weather!!


Lindsay said...

Hudson does the exact same thing when I let Oliver out. He cried so hard today that we ended up playing outside 3 times. I'm ready for cooler weather!!!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad he loved all the toys. I found a monkey that goes to that train set. I'll remember to give it to you next time. That water table looks so fun. I'm sad we never used it, but I knew p would love it!!

Alisa said...

That is a really cool water table. I bet Pearson is going to enjoy that!

Lacy said...

He is just precious.. My boys don't seem bothered by the heat either.. My daughter on the other hand doesn't like to sweat. So ready for nice weather.

Your little guy is too cute.. The water table is adorable.