Monday, July 16, 2012

pearson {13 months}

I'm changing up the format of Pearson's montly posts a little bit......

Pearson, You are SO fun these days!! You are so curious and into everything.  Walking has slowed your speed down a little bit, but not your curiosity.  You make us laugh everyday with something that you do.  We have had so much fun getting out and doing thing with you now that you can participate in different things.  You are such a good baby......errr I guess I should say toddler.  We love you so much!!

Measurements: I forgot to weigh and measure.  We'll have to do that tomorrow!!

  • shirts/onesies: 12-18 shirts 
  • shorts: 12-18 month 
  • pjs: 12 & 18 months
  • diaper: size 3; size 4 at night
  • shoe: size 3 & 4
Sleeping: You nap around 9-10:30 or 11am and 2:30-4 or 4:30pm; you sleep at night from 7:30-7:30.  

Eating: You started drinking whole milk on your birthday.  You switched over from from formula so easily.  I nurse you first thing in the morning and right before bedtime then you get a sippy cup of milk after both of your naps.  You loves to eat! Your favorite foods are bananas, blueberry waffles, beans, avocado, mac N cheese, pineaples, cheese quesadillas and goldfish.  You do not like watermelon, cantaloupe, pears (even though you loved pear babyfood), blueberries, cottage cheese or strawberries.  

New Tricks: You are an official walker (around 12.5 months you started walking more than crawling), does a little squat thing when you hears "stomp your feet", "Give me 5", Sniffs your nose when I say "What does your nose do", giving hugs, making a "vroom" car sound when you play with cars.

Words: Dada (Daddy), Go (when he waves), Da (dog and "dat")

Teeth: 6 (four top/2 bottom) I think you might be teething again because he is drooling like crazy.

Likes: Eating, playing at the pool, playing upstairs at Lolly's, Baby Einstein videos, playing with my iPhone, taking things in and out, reading flap books, playing with cars, pushing the Cozy Coupe car around, rearranging kitchen furniture, playing in the Tupperware cabinet, playing in the nursery at the gym and at church, playing ball.

Dislikes: When I leave the room, when we don't let you get into cabinets, getting dressed after bathtime, when we don't fix your food fast enough, changing poopy diapers

Other Random Things:
  • You still won't say mama. 
  • You've started this cute thing where you come up to me and hide your head in between my legs and hug me. 
  • You walk right into the nursery (at the church & gym) and don't even look back at us when we leave you. 
  • You can go get your ball and throw it when we ask you to.
  • We brush your teeth twice a day.  Some days you like it and some days you don't. 
Look how you've changed.


Lindsay said...

His look changes so much every month! I don't ever notice it until his monthly posts. So cute!!

Hudson still won't say mama either. When we try to get him to say it he will look at John and say dada!

Christine said...

He'll say Mommy soon enough and then you'll hear it way more than Daddy. :) Trust me, your day is coming! I love comparing kids likes and dislikes. So funny. Other than goldfish, our little ones don't necessarily like the same foods, but they're united in the "hurry up with my food" thing. :) He's growing up so much and making good progress on all his milestones. Yay!

Audrey & Randon said...

Terryl has all the same dislikes. He has changed so much in the last month. He doesn't look like a little baby anymore!! He is so handsome!!

Alisa said...

It is amazing how grown up he looks compared to his 12 month picture. Such a cute little toddler our little guy is!

Erica said...

Madelyn loved pear baby food and won't eat solid pears too! She will still eat them in those pouches though. Pearson is such a cutie!

Darci said...

He really looks a lot more grown up this month! Crazy to think that we have toddlers! {although I still call her my baby!}

I've been pondering on what I'm going to do to condense her monthly posts...I like your layout! Its so hard 'cause I want to remmeber all these things she's doing lately!

Alicia said...

What a handsome little man you got there:)