Saturday, July 21, 2012

carson's 4th birthday party

We had fun this evening celebrating Carson's birthday at Harry Myers Park.

This wasn't Pearson's first time at a Spray Park so he just walked around like he owned the place. 
 Olivia is sooooooo close to walking, but she mainly hung out around the edges.  
 I was only able to snap a couple quick pictures of them together while Pearson sat for just a second.  That kid is on the move......all the time!!
Pearson is so curious these days.  He sat here for a while and stuck this little stick in the drain.  I love it when he squats like this!!
 When I would ask Carson how old he is, he would say 4 but only hold up one finger.  He couldn't quite figure out how to hold 4 fingers up.  He's got a whole year to figure it out though!!
 His party was a construction theme. 
 Pearson loves anything with wheels, so he loved the party favors!!
Me and my SIL, Ashley
Carson's birthday candle was left at home so we had him pretend to blow out the candle.  He kind of thought it was silly that we had him do it.  He just wanted to dig into his cupcake. 
 The icing was definitely his favorite part of the cupcake. 
Carson kept saying that he was pretending to drink Diet Coke.  He thought that was so silly. It's funny what makes kids laugh.

Even though it was stinkin' hot outside today, we had a fun evening celebrating our sweet nephew, Carson.
After the party we went to Joe Willy's for dinner with all of the family!! It was so so good!!


Brandi Gail said...

I love Joe Willy's! Cute bday party!

Darci said...

looks like a fun party! I love Olivia's swimsuit & your tank {where did you get it?}