Thursday, October 29, 2009

rockin' out with the honeymooners

Our church had its Fall Festival last night. It was a blast. I think our Guitar Hero Station was a huge hit.
I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the massive amount of pictures. I just couldn't choose, there were so many good ones. And I wanted you all to get the full effect of the awesomeness of our station!!

The guys worked so hard on building and painting the set. I think it turned out perfect. Thanks Dad for making the trusses for our set! You're the best!!
It was even better when it got dark because you could see the Guitar Hero game on the screen.
I'm pretty sure only a handful of people noticed that these weren't real speakers. They are cardboard boxes spray painted black with pictures of speakers on the front.
Our friend Todd printed the speakers, the Honeymooners Guitar Hero logo at the top of the post, and our backstage passes that we passed out to the kids. Some of the kids were really scared of us, and would not take a backstage pass. Lots of the kids thought that if you took a backstage pass you had to play Guitar Hero on the stage.

Meet all "The Honeymooner Rockers".....

Matt & Justin
Me, Johanna & Jenny
Cheryl & Tom
Our very own Beatle, Jared
Me & Cheryl
Brittany & Ryan aka: Sonny & Cher
Denise & Chase, our Pop Stars...Miley Cyrus & Kevin Jonas
David & Michelle
Our guitar tech, Jenny
Justin & Joey
Me & Matt
Angela, Emaline, and Gene Simmons.......I mean George!!
Me & sweet Emaline
And our bouncer, Eric making sure no one was getting to crazy!!
George was definitely the hit of the night. Todd printed pictures for him to autograph. A lot of the kids had no idea he wasn't the real deal. They would walk up and say "My name is So&So, can I have your autograph!"
He definitely had the facials down too!!
Did I mention that he is our Sunday School teacher?? Haha!! He had to get his costume approved by the church staff!!
One of my students came and saw me. I introduced him to my husband and his response was, "Mmmmm Okaaaay." I'm not sure he was impressed with my "rocker husband."
All our crazy husbands!!
The whole night was a group effort. It definitely wouldn't have been possible without all these awesome people!!
So until next Fall Festival ROCK ON!!


(or Mom!) said...

Awesome! You guys look great!!

(or Mom!) said...
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Brandi Gail said...

Katy, y'all looked GREAT! I am glad you went with the tatoo arms! lol! And Gene Simmons was there!? WOW! :)