Friday, October 09, 2009

friday in san antonio

It was pouring down rain when we left Austin Friday morning. Since most of the things we wanted to do in San Antonio were outdoors, we decided to make a quick stop at the San Marcos outlet mall. We did a little bit of damage, but not too much, at a couple of stores. Shopping is definitely my kind of vacation!!

We arrived at our hotel, around 12:30. We got all checked in and then checked out our room.

It was really nice!!

Next on our agenda was lunch. It finally stopped raining, so we headed down to the Riverwalk to look for places to eat.
We decided on a place called "The County Line". Matt and I split a delicious barbeque platter.

Our next stop was to tour the Alamo. I had never seen it, so it was all pretty interesting to see. I thought it would be much bigger.

Matt's eyes are closed in this picture, but I didn't get any others of the Alamo, so it's going to have to stay!! (Sorry, babe.)

Since the weather had cleared up we decided to take a river tour. It was really neat to hear all the history of the Riverwalk, San Antonio, and all the buildings.

For dinner, one of my roommates in college suggested that we go to a restaurant called Boudros. The wait was an hour long for the first available table, but we stuck it out. While we were waiting we randomly ran into a girl that we used to go to Sunday School with. It's such a small world.

I was hoping we would get a table inside because it was pretty chilly outside, but we ended up sitting outside. I would have been miserably cold if I didn't have a jacket. Luckily it was worth being a little chilly because the food was really good.
Matt ordered a Prime Rib.

And I ordered a Grilled Seafood Platter.

I can definitely see why my roommate recommended this restaurant. I would totally go back.
We finished off the evening at Howl at the Moon. It is just like Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Addison. I used to be a piano players, so I am so amazed at how well the pianist are. They know the words and the music to so many songs. It's really unbelieavable. While we were there Matt ran into a girl that he went to high school with. You really can't go anywhere without seeing someone you know.

We had a great time at Howl at the Moon, listening to dueling pianos music. It was definitely a fun day in San Antonio!!


Little Leach said...

We've stayed at that hotel twice! We love it!!!!!! Congrats on your first year!