Saturday, October 10, 2009

sea world & saturday night

We drove out to Sea World Saturday morning after a yummy breakfast at our hotel.

Our first place to visit in Sea World was the dolphins. When we touched them, we both couldn't believe how they felt. It was so weird.

We bought some fish to feed the dolphins. The little fish were disgusting to hold, but it was really neat to have the dolphins swim right up to you to get their food.

After feeding the dolphins we head to a show.

These seals and walrus were so talented. I can't believe all the stuff they train them to do. Especially the walrus.......he was gigantic!!

We also went to an acrobat/beluga whale show. The acrobat part was a little cheesy, but the beluga whales were pretty cool. Again, I think it is so neat to see how well trained these animals are. It really is amazing.

Before we got to the penguin exhibit, I was complaining about how the penguin exhibit at the Dallas Aquarium is a joke. There were only 3 penguins and they were even very cute. And it stunk so bad. I was really thinking that this one would be a joke too. I was definitely mistaken. There were so many penguins in this exhibit. Most of them looked like little statues since it is nesting season. All the Daddy penguins were sitting on their little eggs. The picture looks a little funny because it was taken through the glass.

We spent a good 30 minutes just watching these seal. There were lots of people feeding them, so we decided to just watch instead of feeding them ourselves.

We were so entertained by watching them slide across the island and claim their "napping territory."

The last show that we went to for the day was Shamu!! Oh my word. That animal is amazing. The show was extremely cheesy, but Shamu was awesome!!

Sea World was such a fun experience. I'm glad we got to go!!

And of course, on our way home we had to stop for a Sonic Happy Hour drink. I hadn't had one in a couple of days. This girl can't go without her Sonic drinks!!

I was tired from all the walking around, and Matt gladly took me back to the hotel to take a nap because the Baylor Bears were playing football on TV!!

When the game was over we went to dinner at a Mexican Restaurant near the market called La Margarita.
We were so stuffed after dinner that we came back to the hotel and just chilled.