Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pearson's 4th Birthday

On Pearson's 4th birthday this year, we let him plan out his entire day.  Since we had his party in Dallas before we moved to Tyler, it had been a while since his birthday party celebration.  I really wanted to make his day special.  Pearson asked for a Sausage McGriddle at McDonald's.   
 He loves to play at their play place.  It's pretty cool!!
 After some morning playing at McDonald's we all headed to our first Bible Study of the summer.  Then it was time for lunch, and of course he chose his all time favorite……Taco Bueno.  
We couldn't have been happier with his dinner choice of Stanley's.  Especially since his birthday fell on the kids eat free night!!  We ate with our Reinhardt friends, but I forgot to take a picture at dinner because things get a little crazy with 4 boys at the table!!  After dinner we invited them over for cake!  Pearson requested a strawberry cake.  I just couldn't bring myself to make a pink cake for my boy so I talked him into strawberry shortcake.  
 The cake didn't turn out good, but he didn't seem to care since it tasted so good!!
 It was a fun day letting our big 4 year old enjoy all of his favorite.  We were so glad that Wade, his favorite Tyler friend was able to help us celebrate since we don't have any other friends here yet.  
Happy Birthday Pearson!!