Thursday, November 19, 2015

KK Thanksgiving Feast

At the beginning of November we pulled the boys out of their preschool because we were just not please with it at all.  Pearson started at a new preschool, but there wasn't a spot for Nash so he is just doing Mother's Day Out this year one day a week.  

After only being at Kid's Kaleidoscope for 3 weeks, their little Thanksgiving Feast & Program was confirmation that we made the right more.  KK reminds me so much of our old preschool in Wylie! 

Grammy & Grandaddy came into town for the little program.  Grammy came with us to take Pearson to school. 
It worked out perfectly that Nash has Mother's Day Out on Thursdays because we were able to go without him and really enjoy our sweet Pearson.  The tables were set up so cute with handmade decorations that they had made in class.  
 The feast was a potluck with the meat provided by the school.  We were assigned a side dish so I made green bean casserole.  
All the kiddos came out dressed up as pilgrims or Indians.  Our sweet boy was an Indian. They were all so cute! I can't wait to see Nash up on that stage next year!
 Matt was able to leave work for a while to see Pearson sing and eat lunch with us!
We were proud parents watching him perform.  Especially since he knew all the words after only going to school 6 days to learn all the songs!!
 It was fun for Grammy & Grandaddy to be able to come see him sing too.  
 They had all sorts of desserts but Pearson chose an acorn cookie! I have to say, he made a very good choice.  It was so good.  
After lunch, Daddy had to go back to work, but we all went to the book fair and did a little shopping.  Grammy bought the boys some fun books!!  

One thing we are definitely thankful for is our sweet little preschool!!