Tuesday, December 15, 2015

nash {22 months}

I need to weigh you.  You have got to be over 30lbs by now.  You are SO heavy.
You are wearing 2T footie PJ's and some 3T tops and bottom PJ's.  Clothes are mainly 2T with a few 3T hand me downs.  You are in size 5 diapers and size 6, 7 or sometimes 8 shoes. It just depends on the brand.  

Napping from 1-4pm and sleeping at night 7:30-7:30.  You've been taking awesome naps this month and even sleeping in some mornings.  Sometimes just until 8am, but a few times until almost 9am.  You must be growing!

Gosh kid.  You eat so much.  And you literally eat everything.  Well, there are a few things you won't eat, salad, brussel sprouts, and broccoli, but that's probably pretty normal for a kid to not like those! As always you always out eat your brother, and lately you have been finishing his plate off after he is done.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You can recognize all of your body parts (hair, eyes, ears nose, mouth, tongue, tummy, belly button, fingers, feet, knees, elbow, wrist.) You know lots of animal sounds (bird, duck, cow, pig, horse, dinosaur, lion, bear, snake, chicken, dog, cat, elephant, monkey, donkey, goat) You are saying lots of sentences and SO many new words.  I have not even kept a record but it's insane how many words you know.  You know all of our family members names and even your own name!

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth) Bah (Ball) Wowwwww,  Doh-Gee (doggy), Buh-dee (birdie) Nigh-Nigh (Night-Night) Woah (Hello) Tru (Truck) Duh-De (duckie), Cheeeee (when smiling for a picture and also for Cheese), Tu-Tu (Choo-Choo), Cah (Car), Buh (Book), Bah (Bath and Ball), Wa-Wa (Water), Meh (Milk), Uhh (Up), Ah (On and Off), Muh (More), Day-Doo (Thank-You), Sheeeew (Shoe), Na-Nuh (Banana), Ca-Cer (Cracker), Cuh-Kee (Cookie), No (No & Nose), My (Mine) Tra (Trash), Bi (Bite) Shoooooow (Show), Di-Di (Dip), Yeh-Woh (Hello), Wu-Vee (Lovey), Wuh-You (Love You)  Tee-Tee, Poo-Poo, Shoooo-Weee (Stinky Diaper) Eat, Ou-Sie (outside), Shir (Shirt), Swee (Swing), Swi (Slide), But-Ball (Football) Bay-Ball (Baseball) See, Owwwwch (Ouch), Owp (Help) {New this month} Ope (open) On, Ah (Off), Too-Buh (toothbrush), Bus (with a lisp), Nack (Snack), Date (Grape), Pappi (paci), MINE, Milp (Milk),  Apple, Och (Orange), Soh (sock), Peents (pants), Show, Ow-Sie (Outside), Wah (walk), Pwa (Play), Butt (belly button & button)Ehh Pwa (Airplane) Poopy, Pho (phone), EAT Bia-Bin (Vitamin), Wa-Wer (Water) Bish (Fish), Cah (Car), Truck, . Oh my goodness. There are so many more, but I can't even think of them all!  You are saying lots of little sentences too.  Some we hear a lot are "I need a snack",  "I go outside", I go night night", "Where bubba go", "Oh no, we di go" (where did it go?), "I see you!", "I pway ball", "I want too", "I LOVE YOU!" and so many more that I can't think of. 

Eeek! I need to check.  I have no idea if your molars have come in or not.  

Doing whatever brother does, running, jumping, wresting, trucks & cars, school buses, Mickey Mouse, balls, coloring and eating!

Same ole, same ole.  Diaper changes, brushing teeth, combing hair, getting in the carseat, holding our hands when walking, when brother gets to do things and you don't.  You also do not like Tuesday when Brother is at school all day.
Other Random Facts:
  • This month you woke up some during the night.  If we just go in your room and lay on the floor for a minute, you go right to sleep without us doing anything else.  
  • If any of us don't finish eating our meal, you are always quick to say "I want it."  You will gladly finish off everyones plates!
  • You love to show us your belly button.  We laugh because you call it a "butt".  And you like to pull up our shirts and say "I see you butt"! Ha!!
  • One time we were out shopping and you saw a cat but you kept calling it a "Yow" because cats say Meow!
  • Pearson loves to ask you to repeat words.  He'll say "Nash can you say basketball?" and you always give it your best shot.  
  • When we are out driving and we stop at a red light or stop light.  If we are there too long you will yell from the back seat "Goooooooo".
  • We still have you rear facing and I don't plan on switch you yet because you still take great naps in the car when we travel back and forth to Dallas.  
  • You still have your paci at bedtime and nap time and when we are in the car driving to Dallas.  You have become very addicted to it lately.  Sometimes you will sneak in your room and reach your arms in your crib to sneak your paci.  You also really love your lovies.  You have to have all three of them at bedtime but you love the one Jenica made you the best.  
  • Every Sunday morning we ride the bus from the remote parking to the church building.  You smile the entire time and talk about the buses all the time.  Any time we go to Green Acres for something else you get so sad that we aren't riding the bus.  
  • You actually fell out of the crib once this month.  You hoisted yourself over the top and it didn't really scare you at all, which actually really scared me.  Now when I lay you down, I always have the monitor right by my side and I watch you like a hawk until you lay down. Sometimes you try to hike a leg over the top but you haven't ever tried really hard to get out again so hopefully we can keep you in your crib for a lot longer!!
  • When you see letters or numbers they are all E, O or 8. 
  • You love to play peek a boo but you always say "I see you!" in the sweetest highest voice.   
  • You already ask us Why? all the time.  
  • Anytime I say "Oh my" or "Oh no" you will alway ask "What?" like you really want to know what I was talking about!
  • You call your elbow an "elmo".
  • Anytime you want something you always say "I want two".  You don't really mean that you want two.  You just say that because typically Pearson says "I want milk" then you say "I want milk too".  So now anytime you want something, even if you aren't repeating after Pearson you say "I want too".
  • Every night when I put you to bed, we sit in your chair and I say "Let's say prayers".  You hold your hands together while I pray and at the end you always say a big "A-meeeee"
  • You started saying I LOVE YOU (I wub you!) and it just melts our hearts.
Here is Pearson at 22 months and Nash at 22 months
Look how you have changed.