Wednesday, May 18, 2016

last day of school preschool{2016}

Another year of preschool has come and gone.  But this year is a little different, because it's Pearson's last day of preschool……EVER!!!

We now officially have a preschool graduate.  
It's crazy how fast this time has gone.  I really can't believe he is going to be in Kindergarten in the fall. 
Pearson and his teacher Mrs. Sabrina at Splash Day on the last day of school.  She was so great.  I wish we would have been at Kid's Kaleidoscope all year long.  It was the best move we made.  I can't wait for Nash to be there next year.

Nash had a great first year of preschool.  He loves going to school!!

 We started off the year going two days a week at Oak Tree, but ended up just going one day a week at Green Acres.  Next year we are bumping all the way up to three days a week at Kid's Kaleidoscope.  He is going to be so sad that brother will be in school five days a week, so going three days will make it a littler easier for him.  
His teachers always tell me what a helper he is in class.  I'm so proud of my big helper.

We loved his sweet teacher Miss Paige.  She is also our babysitter so we will still get to see her even though school is out.

We are so proud of all our boys have accomplished this year.

 And because I love a good comparison picture……..
It just blows my mind how much Nash grew in nine months.  He literally went from a baby to a little boy.  
 Now we are ready for a fun and exciting summer starting with vacation next week!!! 

Stay posted for our annual Summer List!


Alisa said...

These boys just melt their Grammy's heart! They both have just blossomed this year into big boys.