Sunday, July 22, 2007

check list for being a grown up

1. Get a job .....check
2. Pay bills ......check
3. Get a dog.....check
4. Get a blog!

No one is pressuring me to get a blog but I feel like every grown up has one. All of my married friends are getting them, out of college friends, families from church, and the list goes on. It's must be the cool thing to do these now.

No really I set up this blog for the sole purpose of staying in touch with the people that are important to me in my, old friends, new friends, married friends, single friends, younger friends, older friends, church friends, family friends and well ...anyone!!! I read so many peoples blogs that I haven't talked to in quite sometime, but it's just good to know what going on in their lives. So I hope this keeps you informed on my life. I'm about to start a wild journey starting my first year of teaching Kindergarten. Those little kids are crazy and will definitely keep my life interesting.

Here are some pictures of me and my precious little puppy Izzie. She is a Malti-poo and I just love her to death. She is 4 months now and this pictures are when she was way younger. She weighed about 4-5 pounds then and now she weighs 8. I'll put updated pictures some other time! She has been such a great companion in these last few transitions months between college and starting my new job. Anywaze...feel free to comment anytime!

Hopefully coming soon....
-more pics of Izzie growing up
-hilarious videos of Izzie
-pictures of my new classroom

Just give me some time. It just took me forever to get these pictures up here. And I'm not really even sure they look great! Until next time...



The Mosiers said...

Katy!! i'm so glad you have a blog now! We have one too, you should check it out. We will add you to our list of we read.

We definitely need to catch up soon! Hope everything is going well!

The Mosiers

The Roberts' said...

hey katy! exciting, i didnt know you had a blog! your puppy is ADORABLE... where did you get her? was she insanely expensive? we want to get a dog when we move in about six months so im scoping out the cutest dog for the least amount of money!! :-)

courtney (baker) roberts - our blog is!