Sunday, July 29, 2007

no sunday morning church

That's because I went to Saturday night church at Prestonwood.

Oh man I love Saturday night church for so many reason....
1. Make my Saturday night 100 times more exciting than it probably would have been.
2. I'm not sleepy during church.
3. It's more casual dressed. Jeans all the way baby!!!!
4. And most importantly...I slept til 10am this morning.

So I've been searching for a church in Dallas since I moved back. I love my home church, the church that my parents still go to. Other than Living Hope in College Station, that is the only onther church I've ever gone to. I love going to it and seeing people I know. I feel so love there. They just got a new pastor and I love him to. There is just no classes for me to go to, no group for me to fit into. I feel so selfish saying that because church is not all about me. But I really feel like at this transition time in my life I need somewhere to plug into and be served and then find a place to serve with those people that I meet!

So 4 or 5 churches later I think I found the one. And it's definitely the church I thought I would never go to and almost swore to never visit. Prestonwood Baptist....also probably known as Prestonwood University. It's flippin' huge. I mean they have a bookstore, a workout place, a cafe, a huge cafeteria, and probably more but we got lost walking around so we just tried to stay near the front of the building. IT'S HUGE.

I had been to Prestonwood one other time probably in April before I had moved back for good and I did not like it at all. I went to the Sunday service and that had this humongus choir and every guy was wearing suits and it was just very high churchy. And coming from Living Hope it was VERY different. I didn't go to bible study or anything, but I swore I would never go again. I did not like it.

My Mom made me go back..haha! She told me to just give it a chance because she heard they had really big singles groups and more casual Saturday night church. So I grabbed an old high school friend and we drove to Plano to go to Prestonwood. Of course when we get there at 6:30 we realize church started at 6 so I'm already like "I don't like this church." The this guy starts preaching and I realize he's not even the real pastor. For some reason I have this curse that any time I visit a church the real pastor is not preaching, so I never get a real feel for what the church is like and I have to come back. Well when the pastor introduced himself he said he was the Singles Minister. I instantly fell God telling me "He is preaching so you will listen and want to get involved in his ministry!" His sermon was amazing. So afterwards I told Valerie, I'm going to be brave and just find the information desk and ask about Bible Studies afterwards....easier said than done....we never actually found the information booth.

But instead I ran into a guy that graduated high school with my big brother and that my family has known since my childhood. God is cool. So Justin invites us to go to Transit, which is the Singles Bible Study on Saturday night. Val and I went and loved it, then we went to dinner at B.J.'s in Addison. The people we met were so nice and have so many fun opportunities this week for me to get involved. I'm going to a pool party tonight, a girl's Bible Study tomorrow, and I'm playing volleyball on Tuesday. God is so good, and I hope that I continue to meet people at this huge church and find a small group that I can conect with and be held accountable too!



Jennifer Bacak said...

Yay Katy!!! I love hearing our students move on, and find a new home to serve. So many wander around homeless for too long, and it makes letting go of you guys very hard. Good job being brave, and taking finding a new church home seriously! Can't wait to hear how God is going to bless you!
We will miss you when HOPE group starts!!!

The Vann's said...

KSJ!!! Glad to hear you have found a church home! Has school started for you yet? Your going to be an awesome teacher, i CANT wait to read all the funny stories your going to post! Hope your having a great week!-nv