Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"ketchup": engagement edition

On Thursday of our vacation Matt and I went on a date into town without anyone in our family. It was fun for us to get away from everyone and spend some quality time together. After we got back from our date, our entire family had decided to go ride go-carts at the putt-putt near by. I thought that sounded fun, so I was excited to go. Matt didn't quite feel the same way. He wasn't too excited about going, since we had been out all day. So I stayed back at the house with him, reluctantly.

Matt decided he wanted to go lay out on the beach. I wasn't too excited about that because it was an overcast day and it was windy. But I went out anyway. When we got outside it was so windy. I wrapped up in my blanket and tried to take a nap, but it was too windy. I tried not to complain but I finally told Matt I wasn't going to make it much longer. So Matt suggested that we go on a walk. I would have preferred that he suggested for us to go inside, but I had really enjoyed our walks on the beach, so I agreed to a walk. We hadn't gotten far before I realized that I needed to go to the bathroom. We started walking back towards our house, and right as we got back to our stuff on the beach Matt hugged me really tight.

**Remeber, I had asked the Lord to help me not think about getting engaged. I really had no idea he was about to propose.

Matt said some really sweet things that I don't remember, and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!! Thanks goodness I didn't talk him into going to ride go carts. Getting engaged was much more exciting.

Matt had the ring in his pocket the whole time we were down at the beach. I'm so glad he didn't drop it in the sand. We talked for a while, and then went inside our empty house. We had some time to ourselves at the house to let everything soak in. Matt and I prayed together for the first time then we anxiously awaited the arrival of my family. It was such a fun moment to get to share with my whole family.

The reason that Matt had waited until the end of the week to propose was because we were going to surprise Matt's whole family on Sunday when we went to his parents for Easter. It was so hard not to call our friends and family but it was worth it to see his family's surprised faces!!

I'll leave with you with some pictures we took while we were on the beach!! Enjoy!

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