Sunday, November 23, 2008

"ketchup": part 2

Matt and I both knew pretty quick that we were meant to be, but when he told me "I love you" on Christmas Eve it was a for sure. On Christmas, we began talking about marriage and when we wanted to get married. We celebrated Christmas with both my family and his family. It was really fun getting to know each others families and spending our time off together.

Over the next couple of months we spent all of our time together. We lived 30 minutes apart, but we still managed to see each other 4-5 days a week.

We had a pretty routine week for most of our dating. We went to church together on Sunday. Wednesday was either date night or I drove to Dallas to cook dinner for Matt at his apartment. Thursday night was men's softball games and Friday night was co-ed softball games. Saturday night we hung out with church friends, went on a date, or went to a wedding.
This was at one of the seven weddings we went to this year.

In February my brother got married. It was such a fun night. After Ryan and Ashley's wedding we were definitely ready for it to be our turn.

Little did I know that Matt was planning for our time to come soon. A couple days after work Matt drove to Sherman and back to go buy a ring and then he went back to go back to pick it up. I was at Bible Study when he went so I thought he was just chillin' at his apartment. We had talked about getting married in October and I had also told Matt that I needed atleast 6 months to plan our wedding, so I knew an engagement had to be somewhere in the near future.

In March my grandma decided to rent a beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Luckily, all 5 of my cousins, my brother, and my Spring Break all fell on the same week, so my Mom's whole side of the family was going to go stay in a 3-story house for the week of Spring Break. To make the trip even better, Matt was able to take the whole week off and go on vacation with my family. I had kind of convinced myself that he was going to propose on the trip...

The whole family minus Ryan and Ashley

It was Wednesday and he hadn't proposed. I figured that if it was going to happen it would have happened early in the week. I didn't think he would be able to keep a ring in his bag for that long. So when it hadn't happened the first 5 days we were gone, I had a long talk with God that night, asking him to just let me forget about getting engaged. I just wanted to trust that Matt was listening to the Lord and he was going to propose when he knew it was the right time. I didn't want to ruin my vacation because I was so concerned about getting engaged. I promised myself that night that I wouldn't think about it any longer.

Engagement coming soon....


The Vann's said...

oh stop right when it gets so good!! Can't wait for the rest!!! I love this story!!