Friday, August 28, 2009

random friday night thoughts

  • I survived my first week of school. Actually there was nothing to survive, because my kids were amazing. It was seriously the best first week of school I have had in my 3 years of teaching. My kids are precious. I'm so excited for this year. It is a complete change from last year.
  • I'm really ready for fall to be here. Today a cool front blew in, and the 86 degree weather was much more bearable at recess than the 90/100 degree weather we have been having.
  • Also, I'm kind of ready for football season. I'm getting sick of Rangers games being on in our house. I'm ready for a new sport.
  • It's almost birthday season here!!! September brings quite a few birthdays in our family. My older brother is on the 14th, Matt's Dad's birthday is on the 16th, me and my little brother are on the 20th (yes, we have the same birthday), and Matt's birthday is the 29th. Whew!!
  • We booked our hotel for our one year anniversary trip to San Antonio in October. I'm so excited to spend a long weekend away from home with my hubby!!
  • I just found out today that a good family friend of our (and the grandmother of one of my students) has cancer. I really hate cancer. Why does it have to exist?
  • I have jury duty in October. I actually had it on the 2nd day of school, but I got it postponed. I have no idea what to expect. I have never done it.
  • I can't wait for the new season of The Biggest Loser to start on September 15th. I just watched a preview and Daniel from the Orange Team is back. I follow Jillian and Bob on Twitter (I know, I'm a dork), and they have both said it's going to be a great season!!!
I told you my thoughts were random!!!

And since I don't really like posts without pictures (especially two posts in a row), here's a random picture to go with my random post....


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The Biggest Loser is a Smith family favorite. I cry probably EVERY episode and love how it changes their lives drastically. It tugs at your heart from every angle, and I believe it is the most realistic reality show!!