Wednesday, December 23, 2009

eggs, toast, & bacon with a twist

Eggs in a Basket......Have you ever had them??

My Mom used to make them for me as a kid all the time. I even get them every time I go to Cracker Barrel, (which is not that often) but I've never actually made them myself.

I decided to give it a try last weekend for our Saturday breakfast. They turned out delicious!!

Here's how to make them.

Eggs in a Basket
Cut a hole in the bread. Melt some butter in the bottom of a skillet. Grill the bread for a little bit. Crack an egg into each hole.
Salt and pepper. Cook for a bit. Flip and cook for a bit more. Serve with bacon.
If you need a more detailed recipe, you can go here.


Ally said...

My grandma used to make those. Now I want one!

The Fants said...

We used to eat that all the time, but we called it Duck in the Pond :) yum!

Ally said...

Your post inspired me - I hope you don't mind I linked the post to yours :)