Thursday, March 04, 2010

today & always


Evan and Nicole said...

soo cute!!

Yes, I highly highly recommend you get a decorator --they are the best. The one I use actually became of my dearest friends. Her husband is the pastor of the church we are starting. She decorated my mother in laws house in Amarillo and I loved it... Then they moved to Houston shortly before us. I get her discounted rate at 30 an hour. And what she does is tell me what to get... and I purchase it then she will come back and place it where it needs to go! She is helping me plan and decorate for Audrey's 1st birthday!! I'm soo excited! -- I would just look around in the DFW area and see if their is any that your friends use for a good price... and just know that you can meet with one get ideas then shop and decorate yourself. :)