Tuesday, March 02, 2010

wall of fame

No more big blank wall in my hall!! Yay!!
My Dad helped me hang all these picture frames over a month ago, but I just finished filling them this weekend. I love how they turned out!
I can't wait to fill all these frames with our children someday!! For now I'll have pictures of all our sweet nieces and nephew, my puppy, and my hubby!!


Alisa said...

I love your wall of pictures. Very nice. I can't wait either until those frames are full of pictures your children!

Ashley said...

You'll be a mom soon enough. Enjoy having a clean house for now!!

The Navy Wife said...

Where did you get those frames? Love your wall of fame!

Evan and Nicole said...

Great Job! They look wonderful! Where did you get your frames. My decorator just recommended this idea to me! so precious! Very up to date!!:)

Meaghan said...

hey girl! this looks awesome! i have the kids but no time to make a picture wall : )