Saturday, August 16, 2014

pearson {3 yrs 2 months}

  • You saw a handicap sign and said that it says "Sit on a wheel"!
  • Cantelope is "Camel-yokes"
  • Toothpaste is "Two face"
  • After I took off my red toenail polish Pearson noticed and said , "Where did your red toes go? You have feet like mine now"!
  • You love road signs and you are started to read some of them. 
  • Your favorite book right now is Donut Chef.  You like to point out Donut shops now every time we see one. 
  • You asked why Daddy's work is on fire because the B of Baylor has a flame coming out of it. 
  • You call Nash's therapy appointments "airapy".
  • You want a peanut butter sandwich everyday.
  • I usually let you watch one Super Why a day and if we watch it in the morning you always tell me in the afternoon that you forgot to or you need to watch Super Why.  Nice try bud!
  • You always have to poop right after I put you down for a nap.  It's your stall technique and it works because I can't say no.  At least you actually go and then still take a great nap.