Wednesday, August 13, 2014

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 31}

{Day 211}
Girls night out… tag along Nash!
{Day 212}
He is obsessed with his library books.  I'm looking forward to making library trips more routine. 
{Day 213}
Seriously this weather has been nuts, but we aren't complaining.  We are loving all of the walks we have been able to take. 
{Day 214}
Sleeping in before Pearson was 9am, after Pearson it was 8am, now with Nash we are lucky if we get to sleep in until 7am.  6:15 seems to be the new wake up time.  
{Day 215}
Since Matt has been sick the last few days, I have found a new addiction.  Oops!!!
{Day 216}
Tonight I got to rock my baby boy to sleep without his helmet.  He has a little red spot that won't go away so our helmet clinician said to discontinue wearing it until we go in tomorrow. 
{Day 217}
Where oh where did my happy baby go?