Tuesday, September 16, 2014

pearson {3 years 3 months}

This whole month was kind of a blur because we are really struggling majorly in the behavior department.  A lot of it, I feel like, is because I am majorly lacking sleep with Nash not sleeping at all.  I'm having trouble being consistent in disciplining and that not helping at all.  You are so strong-willed right now and know exactly what you want.  If it's not the same and what we want, we get a major fit.   While you keep us laughing most everyday, we have quite a few not so funny moments this month as well.  All of the sudden you have decided to hate going to church.  You scream when we drop you off, (you always calm down shortly after) and when we pick you up you have gotten in trouble for something.  That is so not like you.  We had to introduce "Sass Spray" or sometimes we call it "Disobey Spray".  It's part water & part apple cider vinegar.  If you are disobedient you get a spray in your mouth.  You hate it.  Most of time, just the threat of it is enough to made you change your ways.  I wish I would have taken better notes of some of the funny things you did or said this month, but this is really all I can write about.  This too shall pass!!!