Friday, October 24, 2014

state fair of texas 2014

A few weeks ago we dropped off the boys at Lolly & Pops and had a date night at the fair.  
We were given two tickets and $50 worth of coupons from #ChevyStateFair so it was a pretty cheap date night considering we only had to pay for $15 parking.  I love going to the fair, but the expense of it is definitely my least favorite part.  I'm glad we got to enjoy it on a dime.  
The first thing we did was test drive some of the new 2015 Chevys.  I didn't test drive the Stingray Corvette, but I did sit in it.  Man, I would totally drive this if I could fit two carseats in the back!!
We were both starving so we started off our fried food experience with our must haves.  I got my usual Corny Cheese and Matt got a Fletcher's Corn Dog.  

One of the award winning foods was a Funnel Cake Beer.  I don't like beer so I didn't try it, but Matt said it was pretty good.  
We had to get a picture with our favorite man at the State Fair of Texas.  Big Tex!!
We were both still a little hungry for some more real food before we got dessert so we split the new Deep Fried Twisted Texas Taco. It was a fried piece of brisket in a tortilla with cheese, roasted sweet corn, fried okra,  & coleslaw served with a salsa and queso.  We both thought it was delicious!!
Next up was a stop in the Texas Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit.  This was right up Matt's alley.  I didn't care about it all that much, but I did think it was cool when we saw Drew Pearson's jersey.  Pearson was sorta kinda of named after him.  Not really.  Mainly we just though of the name after we saw him walk into a restaurant we were at right after we found out he was a boy.   
The next fried food we indulged in was the new Fried Sweet Texas.  It was a mixture of pecan pie, peach cobbler and buttermilk pie all wrapped up in pie dough.  Oh my word. So good. 
We felt a little funny going to the petting zoo without our kids, but we had fun looking at all of the animals.  We even found an animal that would take a picture with us!!
Once it was dark we hopped on Top O'Texas Tower.  It holds 99 people on it and we were literally number 98 and 99 to get on!! We got lucky that we didn't have to wait in line another round.  It was such a great view of the State Fair and we could see downtown Dallas all lit up too!
I learned something new at the fair this year…….
We had one ticket left at the fair (which is worth 50cents.  I didn't think you could buy anything with just one ticket but right before we left, we passed the Salt Water Taffy stand.  You can sample taffy for one coupon!  We did good, we spent every last ticket we were given!!!
As we were walking out,  I saw the perfect place for us to take a selfie!  Hot Links!!
What a fun night with my favorite guy!  

As you can see our favorite thing to do at the fair is eat.
What do you like to do or eat at the fair??


Alisa said...

So glad you guys got a day to yourselves. Sounds like you had a great time. But you sure made me hungry reading your post!

Tammy @ Next To Grace said...

I still have never been to the State Fair even after living in Dallas for 4 years! Looks like y'all had a wonderful date night and I literally laughed out loud at the "Hot Links" pic :) Too cute!