Tuesday, November 11, 2014

my little football boys

Every year I like to have a little Halloween photoshoot.  There is just something so cute about kids dressed up.  For Pearson's first Halloween he was a little lion.  Two years ago he was a little golfer.  Last year he was a minion, but Pearson wouldn't cooperate for pictures and I was pregnant so I was tired and didn't feel like fighting him!!  But this year we are back at it with the Halloween photoshoot.  

I got some really great one of Pearson!!  He was SO proud of his Baylor football uniform.  He's not much of a costume kid, but because he loves watching football with Matt, he was all about this costume!!

When I first tried to take pictures of the boys together, I'm pretty sure Pearson was trying to hold Nash like he was an actual football.  Thank goodness he weighs 22 lbs or else Pearson probably would have tried to throw him around like a football!!
Nash wasn't quite as cooperative as Pearson (which is surprising because he's usually Mr. Smiley).  Nash was actually coming down with a little cold so he wasn't feeling all that great when I took these.  I was still able to get a few cute ones.  
But nothing tops this picture I took a few months ago when Nash still had his helmet!!
Happy Halloween from my little football and football player!!