Monday, November 10, 2014

paradin' and partyin'

Last week Pearson had a fun day at school full of Halloween fun.  
It started with a Costume Parade of all the kiddos.  
I loved seeing all of the other kids from his class and the rest of his school in their precious little costumes.  
Pearson's sweet little class all in their costumes after trick or treating through the church offices.  
 During the day, his teachers told us that they went through a cave (a dark sanctuary) with flashlights looking for bats.  Pearson couldn't quit talking about it.  He thought it was so fun and now loves to play with our flashlights at home.  
 Preschool parties are all about the food.  Juice boxes are a rarity at our house so he sucked it down before even touching any of his snacks!
(No black eyes……just leftover eye black)
Our craft was making these cute little foam pumpkin jack o lanterns.
 We also dug for plastic spiders in shaving cream.  
And then it turned into practicing writing our names!!
 What a fun day parading around and partying with Pearson's class. 


Alisa said...

Pearson made a cute little Baylor football player. Fun looking party!