Wednesday, January 07, 2015

big boy bed

After three and a half years of being in his crib, last night was FINALLY his last night to sleep in his "baby bed".  I honestly can't believed he has stayed in it this long.  
 He has never, not once, tried to climb out of his crib.  I have never even seen him hike his leg up to try to get out.  When he was about 18 month old, he accidentally lifted himself up over the top and fell out (at least that's what we think he did) and scared himself to death.  He did that again.  
 Shortly after he turned three, we tried to convert his crib into a toddler bed but it was missing a piece so we put off a big boy bed a little longer.  
It was definitely time for us to let our big boy be a big boy and sleep in a real bed!!
Over the holidays I found the perfect bedding to match his room from Zulily.  I had about $45 in credits so I only had to pay $25!! Score!! New Year's Eve we finally broke down and went mattress shopping.   
We were told the mattress would be delivered sometime between 4-7pm today.   I told Pearson his bed would be here after nap time. The second he woke up from his nap, he asked about his bed.  He asked all afternoon long too!! 
 It finally got here right at 7pm.  We quickly put the baby to bed so we could get to work on converting his crib!!  Pearson was an eager little helper.  
 He was so excited he could hardly contain himself.  
 I have never seen him so excited to go to bed.  
 I think the thing I am most excited about is being able to lay with him while we read our bible stories and say our prayers.  
Our big boy went right to sleep and hasn't moved a muscle.  Now let's just pray he stays in bed all night and still calls for us in the morning.  And most importantly, let's pray he will still take a nap!!!


Alisa said...

You can just see the excitement on that sweet little face. Can't wait to hear tomorrow how it goes tonight! Sweet seeing Matt lying beside him reading before lights out time.

Laura said...

So cute!

Sara @ The Crazy Cozads said...

How precious!! He looks so proud to be sleeping in that big bed! Winston is much like P in that he isn't even interested in climbing out of his bed, so we are going to ride that wave! :) Good luck with naps! I know it will work out - just get him super exhausted!

Nicole LeBlanc said...

So sweet 😀