Friday, January 16, 2015

pearson {3 years 7 months}

  • You always request to wear comfy clothes….AKA not jeans or jeams as you still call them. 
  • Before we go out somewhere you remind me that you need your spikes! You love to have your hair spiked up!
  • You have a bladder of steel.  I think most days you only go 3 times a day.  
  • One morning when you woke up and I asked you to go potty, you told me "But I went yesterday!"
  • You love to go to Wal-Mart and Target with me to get a cookie!
  • One time I put on red lipstick and you looked at me when the funniest look and said "Did you put wips (lips) on your mouth?"
  • We finally moved you to a big boy bed and you are doing awesome!! You took a nap the first couple days but every since it's kind of been a battle.  
  • You call girls….."gores".
  • You love to do puzzles on the iPad on an app called Jigsaw Puzzles.  It amazes me how quickly you can do the 25 piece puzzles.  They are pretty hard.  
  • Nash and I had the flu so everyone was on Tamiflu.  Every morning when we made you take your medicine, you would ask, "Am I sick?" You were so confused!