Tuesday, May 12, 2015

home tour tuesday {living room}

Wow! It's crazy looking at these pictures because this is absolutely not what our living room looks like right now.  Everything is off the walls, and our living room is full of boxes.  Thank goodness for packers!! I don't know when I would have been able to pack all of our stuff.

I thought about taking out the toys that are in our living room to make these pictures prettier, but then it wouldn't be out living room.  That's just the way it is in our little house.  We don't have a playroom so our living room is our playroom!!
It's full of toys, but lots of sweet memories too!!
 I love how I was able to tie the red in our kitchen into our living room with this little nook over the mantle. 
 This couch was our first furniture purchase.  I was so excited about having a sectional but after 7 years with it, I'm ready for something new.  It will be moving with us to Tyler but I hope to replace it at some point. 
One thing I love about our living room is how it opens up to our kitchen.  I love how I can be doing the dishes while Matt watches TV and the boys play and we are practically all in the same room.  
 The absolute best part of our living room though is the view.  Right outside our living room is a beautiful pergola with wisteria growing all over it looking on to a land full of ducks.  
 Even though we will be in Tyler next Tuesday, I'll still be going through our house and finishing up our home tour.  Check back next week for a peek into our Master Bedroom.