Thursday, May 07, 2015

nash {15 months}

25lbs 15.5oz; 32.5 inches

This month you have been consistently sleeping until fish every morning.  There is still an occasional 6:30 wake up time but for the most part you are sleeping 7pm-7am.  You have learned to get your books out of your book bag so sometimes you read happily in the morning for a little while.  Morning naps are hit or miss.  We have been really busy lately so we have skipped morning naps more times than I would like.  If we miss morning nap,  you either take a 30 minute car nap while we are out or you need to go down from your afternoon nap shortly after lunch.  If you do take a morning nap they are usually at 9:30.  Most days they are just an hour, but this past week they have been 2 hours so maybe our two naps a day days aren't over yet.  If you take a good morning nap, I have to push afternoon nap back until 3-5.

We officially dropped your afternoon nap time nursing.  You have done totally fine without it and I am enjoying putting you down quick and easy for nap time.  We are still hanging on to nursing first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.  I'm not sure which one we will drop first.  You don't nurse for long, but if I tried dropping it now I don't think you would be happy.  I think we will just keep going until you are no longer interested.  Even though I nurse you first thing in the morning, you are SO excited to have your cup of milk in the morning.  You eat three meals a day and have a couple snack throughout the day.  You love bananas & blueberry waffles best for breakfast.  Your favorite lunch is a cheese stick, turkey, crackers, grapes, & avocados.  You eat whatever we have for dinner and always love it!! Lately your favorite dinner has been chicken pot pie.  You still swipe your food off your tray when you are done.  When you are done, you get very mad when we try to offer you more food.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You are officially a WALKER. For the first week of this month, you fell a lot but you quickly got better and don't fall as often now.  If you get going to fast you fall though! You shake your head "yes" or "no" when we ask you questions. You point and grunt/whine when you want something. You can climb up the stairs at Lolly's house.  You are working on going down but haven't quite mastered it.  You can growl like a dinosaur.

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth) {New This Month}LOTS OF BABBLING 

7 (5 top/2 bottom) Your top right canine and molar are both starting to come in. 

Painting with water, bubbles, flushing the toilet, REAL things, swinging at the park, drinking out of a big boy water bottle like brother, throwing things, making messes out of anything, playing at the park or Chick-fil-A, taking baths, the church nursery.

Pretty much all the same things as last month…..Getting out of the bath, socks and shoes, diaper changes, when we take something away or close doors on you, when Pearson pushes you down or is on top of you.

Other Random Facts:
  • I only thought you were into everything last month.  Woah, you are not happy at all playing with toys.  You only want to be into things you aren't supposed to be in.  
  • Momma's not doing a good job taking the paci away at all.  You always have it at nap time and bedtime but now I almost always give it to you in the car because it keeps you quiet!
  • Everyone always comments how tall you are.  
  • You love Shasta! You always go right up to her and let her give you kisses. 
  • You are obsessed with painting with water outside.  It's your favorite thing to do right now.  You go to the back door and grunt until I take you outside. 
  • You are only interested in Praise Baby, Baby Eintstein or any of Pearson's shows for maybe 10 minutes.  It's impossible to get you to stay still for more than 10 minutes.  
  • You love going to the church nursery and the nursery workers all love you. Everytime we pick you up they always comment on how good you are. 
  • When you see your dinosaur towel you growl! It's so cute!!
  • You have started putting things in the trashcan.  Mostly things you aren't supposed to like remotes, legos, toys etc.  But after I change your diaper, I can say, "Go put it in the trash and you know just what to do."

Here is Pearson at 15 months and Nash at 15 months.
 Look how you have changed……


Alisa said...

Nash is such a little charmer. He is definitely going to be a big boy. It will be interesting when he gives big brother a run for his money in their little pile-up wrestling matches! I have the feeling it is not going to be too long before that happens.