Wednesday, May 27, 2015

on the market

Our house officially went on the market Friday, April 10th.  It was a crazy month until we closed on May 13th, but we are super blessed that it was only a crazy month and that our house sold super quick.  

We decided to skip out of town and visit Grammy & Grandaddy the first weekend our house was on the market so that it would be available for showings non-stop and we wouldn't have to keep cleaning it for showings. We had an open house from 12-4 on Saturday and another one from 2-4 on Sunday.  Sunday evening our realtor called us and present 13, yes THIRTEEN, offers to us.  All were above asking price except for one, but it was a cash offer.  We ended up choosing one that was 5K above asking price. There were some that were higher but this one just seemed the best.  Part of the reason we chose them was because they wrote us the sweetest letter saying how they were newlyweds and couldn't help but notice the beautiful family pictures all over our house.  They said they hoped to start their family in this home just as we did.  It definitely pulled on my heart strings.  The very next morning we got a call that they were backing out because they found out that they couldn't put a shed in our backyard because of our HOA rules.  

Thankfully we had 12 other offers to fall back on.  And I think we even had a few more roll in after Sunday night when our realtor cut them off. We immediately went back under contract with another family, but for some reason I didn't have a good feeling about it.  I guess I was just a little more afraid of getting burned since it had already happened once.  They decided not to have an inspection, so we just had to make it through our option period that would end on Saturday evening.  Friday night we through we were pretty much good until we got a call from our realtor saying that they too were backing out because apparently he got an out of state job.  Grrrrr……we were so frustrated.  

We stayed up late getting the house all clean and ready to put back on the market and ready for showings Saturday morning. We stayed out of the house all day Saturday having a fun family day and then stayed at my parents house all day Sunday to allow as many showings as possible.  Again, we had multiple offers but one really stood out.  It was 15K above asking price.  It was also a friend of a friend and we felt safe going with her because we felt like she wouldn't back out like the previous two had.  Thankfully she didn't!!

Looking back, we are so thankful the first two offers fell through because if they had we wouldn't have been able to see the better offer that God had in store for us!!

Here are the official pictures our realtor posted online.  
 And huge shout out to our realtor Misty Forehand.  She was absolutely amazing to work with throughout the entire process.  We would use her again in a heartbeat.  If you are looking for a realtor in the Dallas area, definitely give Misty a call!!