Friday, July 31, 2015

A Trip to See Pops

Mom and Dad got moved to a nursing home on July 15th.  I knew that if I didn't go visiting them this week I wouldn't be able to see them until mid-August because of stuff we had going on at home.  We finished our swim lessons Thursday afternoon and headed out as soon as we were done.  It was one of the fastest trips we had made to Dallas, because we were back home in Tyler by dinner on Friday.  

I dressed the boys in their matching outfits that my parents got them from their Hawaiin cruise last year.   Dad loved seeing them in their outfits.  
 They eat dinner at like 4:45 at the nursing home so since they had already eaten, we all went to the game room to hang out for a little bit.  Pearson and Pops played a game of checkers.  
Lolly & Nash worked on a puzzle. 
When we took Pops back to his room, Nash was walking around with Pearson's sunglasses and his paci.  All of the little old people were dying over him.  One old lady even tried to pick him up.  I had to stop her because I knew he was way to heavy for her to carry, so she just gave him a big kiss on the cheek instead!!
 Lolly got Pops all ready for bed and then we went to get some pizza and some popsicles at Steel City Pops.  It was our first time to go.  It was so good.  Only thing that would have made it better was if Pops was there to share it with us.  
Our trips back home are always short but especially sweet because I know it means the world to my parents to be able to see the boys.  They went from living a half a mile from us and seeing them multiple times a week to living two hours away and never getting to see us because of all that's going on.  I know they feel like they are missing out on so much so I want them to be able to enjoy the boys as much as they can.  


Alisa said...

I know your visits mean the world to your parents. And the boys in those cute shirts...ADORABLE!