Thursday, August 06, 2015

bergfield "splash park"

On our summer list we had two splash park that we wanted to go to here in Tyler.  Sadly that's really all that's here and actually, one of them is in Whitehouse.  We didn't feel like driving out of town, so we opted for the one in town.  We got there and the water wasn't on.  Before I unloaded the boys I walked around to see if there was a place I could turn the water on, but I couldn't find anything.  We finally found a cop and asked him what was up!  He let us know that they had been doing some construction in the area and a water line had been broken so there was no water pressure.  The boys were set on playing at a splash park, so we found the closest thing we could.  Bergfield "splash park".  It's most definitely not a splash park, but the boys had a blast and it did the trick!
I love how just a little bit of water can make these boys SO happy!!!


Alisa said...

So cute together!Great that it takes so little to make them happy!!!