Thursday, March 31, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {on Thursday}

I meant for this to post yesterday but we got really into watching  The People Vs. OJ Simpson on FX.  Gosh it is so good and so crazy.  It's almost hard to believe all those crazy events happened.  
What we're eating this week……
I've been quite lazy this week with my meal planning.  We've been having some pretty simple dinners this week including, Easter leftovers, Paninis, Fajita Pizza & Breakfast for Dinner.  I'm actually about to sit down and meal plan for next week and I hope to incorporate a loose Whole 30 into the week.  I need to get back to cleaner eating.  I did really good on my Whole 30 and felt great during it but I kinda fell off the wagon afterwards and have been enjoying too many indulgences and I feel pretty crappy again.  

What I'm reminiscing about…..
The great Easter weekend we had with my parents in town. 

What I'm loving……
Spring time in East Texas.  Gosh the azaleas are beautiful here.  And of course I'm loving these sweet boys.  I just love their sweet little relationship.

What we've been up to…..
I got two new pairs of glasses this month and love them!
 We've been enjoying the warmer weather this Spring.
And trying to stay safe during the crazy weather.  
 We visited my parents for part of our Spring Break and went to see Zootopia with them.
 We went to the Zoo!!
 We all filled out our March Madness Brackets and have been watching the tournament.
 Eating way too much Chick-fil-A.  We love that our Chick-fil-A is doing free breakfast every other Wednesday like our old Chick-fil-A did.
 Enjoying lots of Easter activities with MOPS, school, church and home.
We enjoyed another quick visit with Lolly & Pops before Easter.
 We did two Build & Grow clinics this month.
 Trying to keep this crazy kid safe.  Just this month he got a black eye, busted lip and a little gash on his forehead.
 And we finally got to enjoy my parents visiting us for the first time since his stroke last May.

What I'm dreading…..
I've been racking my brain and I really can't think of anything I'm dreading.  I guess cleaning my kitchen floors.  I really do dread doing that because it's so pointless. I sweep and mop the floors and then one meal later they are dirty.  

What I'm working on…..
I'm finally working on decorating our bedroom.  When we moved into our new house, we upgraded our bed to a king.  We kept all our bedroom furniture from our old house except for our queen bed and mattress…….that's now in the guest room.  For the last 9 months we have been sleeping without a headboard or bedding.  I finally made two purchase last month……this headboard and this bedding.  I am loving both of them.  I'm hoping to add a few little decorative touches to the room, add some euro shams and curtains and finally have another room finished.  

What I'm excited about…..
I'm excited for this summer.  I've got Pearson signed up for a swim lessons, VBS, soccer camp & science camp.  Nash will be going to Mother's Day Out one day a week and then we will be filling the rest of our time with lots of pool playdates, trips to the zoo, $$ movie shows and lots more fun! 

What I'm watching/reading…..
For the past two months I have been reading The Armor of God.  It's been such a good Bible Study.  I am finishing up the last week of homework this week.  
I watched The Catch season premiere on Monday night after Dancing With The Stars.  I really liked it. It reminded me of Catch Me If You Can with Leonardo DiCaprio.  I loved that movie so I think I will really enjoy this show.  

What I'm listening to……
Lauren Daigle led worship at our old church a few times and she is just amazing.  Lately we have been listening to a "Lauren Daigle Station" on Pandora.  I am about to buy her CD because all of her songs are so good.  Trust in You has really been speaking to me.  Listen to it…..It's a beautiful song. 

What I'm wearing…..
I love spring, but I feel like it's so hard dress for.  I've been in a t-shirt and leggings funk lately.  But at least I have a cute new shirt to wear…...I've been sporting my new East Texas Moms Blog shirt this week.  I love it!! 

What I'm doing this weekend….
Pearson has his first soccer game of the season this Saturday.  It's been so fun to watch Matt coach the kids.  He has so much patience with them and really does so good with him.  I'm so proud of him for stepping up to coach this season.  I can't wait to watch them both on the field this Saturday.  
Pearson and his little buddy Jackson are the only two that have played soccer before so if they are on the field together they will be a force to be reckoned with.  
It's been fun watching them practice together so it's going to be a blast watching them play together.  

What I'm looking forward to next month…..
We've got a few game nights on our horizon.  I love a good game night.  Our next Girl's Bunco Night is next Tuesday.  We had so much fun last month and I have been looking forward to the next one ever since.  
I am also planning a Game Night social for Sunday School class this month.  We will be playing a super fun game called Mexican Scramble.  We played it twice with our old ABF.  It's going to be a fun night.  I am also hoping to have some friends over one night this month for dinner and a game night.  Can you tell that I love game nights??

Question of the Month is…..
What spring cleaning tips do you have?
I'm probably not the best person to take cleaning tips from because it's really one of my least favorite chores of being a housewife/SAHM.  But this week I am working on cleaning out closets.  I'm trying to sell stuff on the garage sale sites here in Tyler.  If your city has FB garage sale sites, take advantage of them! I have made a lot of money selling old stuff we don't need or want anymore.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


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I just recently finished the Armor of God study too. So good! =)

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