Monday, March 21, 2016

You've Been EGGED {+ a free printable}

Last year before we moved to Tyler, we "egged" our friends and had a blast.  I've been looking forward to doing this to our new friends in Tyler ever since we moved here.  And lucky for us, Easter is super early this year!!
Here's what you'll need to egg your friends…….

You've Been Egged Printable {available at the bottom}
The First Easter Story {found here}
12 Easter Eggs per family 
Easter Candy
Zip-Loc Bags

Fill 11 eggs with candy and leave 1 empty to represent the empty tomb.  Place all the eggs in a separate zip-loc bags just to make it easier when delivering them.  Print off the You've Been Egged sheet and The First Easter Story sheet.  Sign your name at the bottom so your friends know who "egged" them.  Staple them together and load them up with all your Easter Eggs.  

This morning we loaded up the car with all of our eggs and papers and mapped out a route all over Tyler to deliver to our friends!!! I promise Pearson was more excited than he looks, he was just reading the Easter story.  
 We talked in the car about being sneaky and how we are going to try not to get caught "egging" our friends.  We were even able to sneak a picture in front of one of our friends houses!!  
When you are leaving the eggs, be sure not to hide them too well, because you want to make sure they can see them when they pull up to their house or come outside! I packed a roll of tape and just taped the papers to their door! 
We egged 9 families.  I only let Nash get out at a few houses because all he wanted to do was throw the eggs and then they would bust.  And then he was sad when we left each house and didn't get to play with his friends.  
 Pearson loved being sneaky and hiding the eggs at each of our friend's houses.  His favorite egg to hide was the "tomb egg". 
While Pearson loved delivering the eggs, I think he loved reading everyone's text messages more as they came in all afternoon.  He was thrilled to see that everyone loved it.  And he loved that we even got a few pictures from our friends.  

Pearson's best buddy from school, Jackson and his little sister Lucy Anne hunting for their eggs and enjoying their candy!!
Nash's sweet girlfriend, Sarah.  He seriously talks about her all the time and even calls her "My Sarah".
The best part about doing this is that is teaches our little ones the real meaning of Easter.  It seems like around Easter there is an Egg Hunt every day at every event.  A church egg hunt, a preschool egg hunt, a MOPS egg hunt, a friend egg hunt, a family egg hunt, a neighborhood egg hunt and so on.  It's so easy to have fun at all of these and totally forget that Easter isn't about the eggs, the candy or the silly Easter Bunny.  Easter is all about celebrating that JESUS CHRIST IS RISEN FROM THE DEAD!!
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Leah P. Schmalz said...

Your hair is so long! Very pretty!

Darci said...

LOVE this idea! Just wish this crazy Iowa weather would cooperate so we could "egg" our friends.

PS your hair in on point! ;)