Wednesday, April 06, 2016

We LOVE the Zoo!!

For Nash's 2nd birthday Matt's parents gave him a zoo membership. Nash loves animals, so it was a great give for him.  But I love that it was really a gift to our whole family and it keeps on giving all year long.  We went for the first time back in February as a family.

Pearson was super excited they had a map for him to look at.  He loves maps!!
 The tigers are so pretty.
 Obviously Daddy's favorite animals were the bears.
 The bongos were a favorite of Pearson's.
I told Matt a story about a silly memory I have of this rhino.  Well, it might not be this exact rhino, but when I came to the zoo with my grandma as a kid (when she lived in Tyler), I saw this rhino pee. Let's just say it was like a giant bathtub faucet flooding out.  I will never forgot that moment.  It was hilarious!!!
 I'm so glad that we went as a family for the first time because it was such a great day!!
 I can already tell we are going to get a lot of good out of our zoo pass.
 Our second time at the zoo was with our sweet little friend Reagan.  The bird exhibit was closed when we went as a family, so we were excited to get to feed the birds.
After a few hours of strolling through the zoo, we had a picnic in the park. 
 It was obviously a good day, because he couldn't even make it home without falling asleep.
Our latest trip to the zoo was this past Friday.  I went with two of my girlfriends, Melanie & Rhiannon, and all 6 of our boys!!!
Boys for days!!!! Finley, Garrison, Gatlin, Nash, Pearson, & Jack!!
 Pearson and Jack were so cute.  They wanted to hold hands the whole time they walked around.
 One of the "little" lion cubs was posing for us. So pretty.
 Pearson and Nash had to take a picture with the bear to show Daddy!!
 We had a blast interacting with this turkey.  We all kept making gobbling noises and he would puff up more and more and kept coming closer to us.  Not sure if he thought we were turkeys or mad at us for mocking him!! Either way, the kids loved it.
 The birds were especially chatty too.  We kept talking back and forth with them and Nash loved it!!
 My cool boys with their shades on had another fun day at the zoo!
 Only one more trip as a family and we will have our zoo membership paid for.  I see way more than one zoo trip in our future so it was definitely worth it to get a zoo pass!!


Alisa said...

So glad you all are enjoying your Zoo pass. Love seeing the boys enjoying their time at the zoo.