Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at the St. John's

It is so weird to say Christmas at the "St. John's" and that not mean my house.  I'm a Link now and I live at the Link House!! 

When my brothers and I stopped believing in Santa we decided we didn't want to get up early on Christmas morning to open gifts.  We started opening gift late on Christmas Eve after we celebrated at Nonnie's house.  

Our family of 5 from last Christmas has grown to 8 this year.  My brother got married to Ashley and that had sweet baby Carson.  And I married Matt!!!

Mom & Dad better known these days as Lolly & Pops

Ryan, Ashley and my favorite little nephew

Little bro, Drew

Me and my hubby

Me and Matt with our cool orange gifts.....let me explain.

My orange gift is a Tupperware produce keeper.  It has these little vents on the side that you open or close depending on what you have in it.  This cool little product extends the life of your produce.   Right now I have lettuce in it, and it needs one vent open and one vent closed.  We'll see how long my lettuce lasts...

Matt's orange gift is stinkin cool pair of scissors.  They are called OpenIt!  They have a hidden screwdriver, retractable utility knife and funky shaped scissors that will cut open all those plastic packages that you have trouble with.  

Mom mom really spoiled me with  a bunch of homemade gifts this year.  Another post on those is coming soon!!