Sunday, December 14, 2008

Football Playoffs

My high school is going to the State Playoffs! They play Katy High School next Saturday in Houston at the Reliant Stadium.

I remember when I was in a senior in high school and we went four rounds in the playoffs. That was one of my favorite memories in all of high school. Because Wylie used to be a small town, practically the whole town comes out to support the Pirates. There is only one high school to cheer for, so we are all for the same team. I'm glad that the Pirates are going to State this year, because starting in 2 years there will be 2 high schools in Wylie and things will really start to change. It's crazy how much Wylie has grown. When I was in school, there were only 3 elementary schools. Now, I teach at one of the nine elemetary schools and they are going to be building another soon.

Go Pirates!!! AHMO!!!


Micah and Nicole said...

I have a question that has nothing to do with the playoffs? How did you get the cute background? I don't want the same ugly ones that everyone else has.

Micah and Nicole said...

Oh, and I changed it to not say "the mcmahons"...since we're not married yet. don't want those rumors spreading....