Thursday, December 11, 2008

Listening Ears

Today at school one of my students got very upset when I gave almost everyone in the class an M&M for listening.  He was not listening and following directions so he didn't get an M&M.  After he calmed down, this is how our conversation went.  

Me: I'm very sorry you weren't listening, maybe next time we play this game you will listen better so you can get an M&M.
Student:'s just that I didn't have my "listening ears" on.  
Me:  Well you know that you have to have your listening ears on all day while you are at school.
Student: But I did have them on when I came to school but they just went......"kkrrrrrrcccchhh" and turned off.  They ran out of power!!!
Me:  (trying not to laugh) Well, you better get a new battery or something to keep your listening ears powered up all day.

Don't you just wish you could turn your "listening ears" off for a little while???