Monday, August 24, 2009

first day of school

Today was definitely the best first day of school I've ever had. Nothing really great happened, but nothing really bad happened. The nothing bad happening part is what made my day so great. It was just a better start than I have had in the past. I actually felt like I knew what I was doing.

My first year of teaching I had a wonderful class, but my first day of school was a disaster. I had a kid color all over a table, I was late everywhere I went, I had no idea what I was doing and I ended my day chasing a kid into a muddy field who was escaping time-out. My second year wasn't all that bad. I just didn't realize how much my first group of kids had matured over the year and I wasn't ready for my "babies" on the first day of school.

I can already see that this year has potential to be a great one. I have some really great sweet kids in my class and have some really wonderful parents as well. Yay!!

So in honor of it being the first day of school, I thought that I would take you back to my school days and show you all of my first days of school........with a little commentary!!!


This picture made it to the local news. I guess they thought I was really cute!! Or maybe they thought it was cool that my Mom made my first day of school outfit.

1st Grade
Fresh red keds and another homemade outfit. I loved those shoes!!!

2nd Grade
Another school themed first day of school outfit made by none other than my Mom!!

3rd grade

I guess this year I asked my Mom to make me a non-school themed outfit. I got Sunflowers, including one in my hair.

4th grade

Fourth grade must have been when I put my foot down on homemade outfit. This outfit was from Limited Too! I was SOOOOO proud of it. And I loved the belt!!

5th Grade

This was when it was cool to wear a denim jacket and a denim skirt. And this was also the year that everyone had Mary Janes. You were only cool if you had black Mary Janes.

6th Grade

This was my first year out of elementary school and the year I permed my hair. I thought I was really cool in this outfit and I thought my perm was beautiful. But the socks.....What was I thinking??

7th Grade
I have no idea what I was thinking with these pajama like pants. You can't see them, but I was wearing Dr. Martin sandals. Everyone had them....literally everyone.

8th Grade

I was going for the preppy look in 8th grade. I look like I should have been the teacher.

9th Grade

9th grade is when I started having volleyball practice before school. My Mom insisted that we took a literal "leaving for school picture.

This was my "after school" picture my freshman year.

10th Grade
Off to volleyball practice!!

11th Grade

This must have been one of our 6:15 practices, because I looked absolutely horrible that morning.

12th Grade

My last first day of school picture.......or so I thought!!

No College Pictures.

1st Year of Teaching
My sweet Mom woke up early to keep the tradition and take my first day of school picture.

2nd Year of Teaching
I forgot to take an "official" first day of school picture, but this is one that I took with a student on the first day of school. This was the year I started off as Miss St. John and finished as Mrs. Link!!

3rd Year of Teaching
My sweet husband snapped a picture of me before I left for school this morning bright and early.

Today was a wonderful day and hopefully a start to a wonderful year!!

I hope all of you teachers out there had a wonderful First Day of School!!


Amber said...

love it. im so jealous... i miss teaching SO bad!

Jennifer said...

How fun to see you with LONG hair!! I'm glad to hear that your first day was a good one. Check out our blog for pics of your nephews on their first day.

The Navy Wife said...

All of those pictures are priceless!

Miss Nikki's News said...

I love your pictures through the years. I had the exact same outfit from the limited, but turquiose! I had a denim vest one year and had palazzo pants with a similar shirt! We were twinkies.ohhh and I had overalls made by my mom's best friend with my name puff painted down one leg and bedazzled...WOW. Glad to hear your first day went well, mine is Wednesday can't wait!

Lolly said...

I loved this post. I'm so glad your day was great.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Those pictures back from elementary school are probably so fun for you to look back on! This made me want to dig mine up .... glad your day went well. Goodluck this year :)

Suzy said...

That is so adorable. I hope all goes wonderfully this year.

The Vann's said...

You look so cute Katy!

So fun!

Hope you have a fantastic year!


Lolly said...

Where was Ryan?