Friday, September 18, 2009

drew graduated

My little brother graduated, and I never posted about it.

Part of the reason that I forgot to post about it was because I wasn't able to go. It was on the Friday night of my school's Meet the Teacher, and there was just no way I could miss that. Sorry I couldn't make it Drew.

Here is Dad, Drew and Mom at the graduation.

Drew graduated from TSTC in Waco, Texas with an associates in CAD. (I think) I'll have to get back with you on what CAD stands for. It has slipped my mind. But whatever it stands for, he is really good at it and enjoys doing it.
Congratulations, Drew. We are so proud of you and your big accomplishment!!


(or Mom!) said...

CONGRATS to Drew!!!

Christine Culp said...

It's Computer Aided Design - I have a lot of engineer/techie types in my family. :)